Ant-Man #5 phantom variant
Ant-Man #5 phantom variant, $6.99


(W) Nick Spencer
(A) Ramon Rosanas
(CA) Todd Nauck Phantom Variant

The explosive first arc finale! There aren't actually any explosions - but there IS a big showdown with our poorly lit villain, and plenty of heartbreak to go around.
Nothing will be the same again! Except you're still aging. That's not going anywhere.

Date Available: 05/06/2015

BONUS REVIEW by Brad Parkkonen

I know next to nothing about Scott Lang, mostly that people don't really like him. Despite that, this series was really fun. Spencer's wit really flowed through Scott Lang, turning him into a nigh self-deprecating fool, but a loveable one. This last issue brought some action, with a ton of information on Ant-Man, fleshing out some of his powers and really cementing his relationship with his daughter and his ex-wife. This issue showed that Scott is really just an every-man with a size-changing suit, which everyone can relate to! This issue marks the finale of this Ant-Man arc, which is really unfortunate. But fear not: Ant-Man will return in the Annual issue, out right in time for the movie. "What is this? A comic for ants?!!"

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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