Amory Wars #4
Amory Wars #4, $5.50


story CLAUDIO SANCHEZ art & cover GUS VAZQUEZ variant cover TONY MOORE

It's a bloodbath in space, as Coheed and Cambria battle Wilhelm Ryan's troops for control of the Gloria Vel Vessa. But will the ship stay on course to Paris: Earth, or will the vengeful Inferno track it down and blow it out of the sky? The Priest's deadly shape-shifting continues to make Patrick's life a living hell,and we meet Admiral Vielar Crom -- who may be the most dangerous man on Heaven's Fence. What does he have in store for Mayo Deftinwolf...and where is Claudio? It's all leading up to a star-spanning battle royale, as the action-packed conclusion to the Second Stage Turbine Blade, Part 1 begins!

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