Amazing Spider-Man #25
Amazing Spider-Man #25, $9.99


(W) Dan Slott
(A) Giuseppe Camuncoli
(CA) Alex Ross

HUGE BLOWOUT ISSUE! STUART IMMONEN (STAR WARS, AVENGERS) takes the artist reins of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and joins Dan Slott for a 40-page main story! Then don't miss a super-secret short story by Dan and Giuseppe Camuncoli! TOP-SECRET BONUS CREATIVE TEAM!!! Hannah Blumenreich makes hers Marvel, making her Spider-Debut! Cale Atkinson brings another story of the A-May-ZING SPIDER-AUNT!
Date Available: 03/15/2017

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

Content wise, this is no better or worse than an average issue of ASM (at least for the main story). Art wise, having Stuart Immonen back on a spider book is a cause for joy. You may not remember, but he took over for Mark Bagley on Ultimate Spider-Man when Bagley's amazingly long run ended. I like Bagley-going back to the Marvel Try Out Book pages- he's got a great emotional feel for faces, his layouts are clear, and his pencils are consistent enough to basically look the same under any inker. Its a rare talent these days. When I tell you the Immonen issues were the best of any of the USM until Sara Pichelli came on, I hope that gives some context for what I'm talking about here.

That's the best of the issue. The worst is the 9.99 price tag. There a whole gaggle of stories here. Dan Slott is on the record somewhere saying that none of it is intended to be filler. He's a liar at least twice over, as there are a Tsum Tsum story and a 'Pete gets a pet' story.

He's also gone on record saying that the final story will be huge moving forward in ASM and Secret Empire. That checks out as 'true' at Politifact, the superior fact checking site. I can see skipping this issue for the price, but not w/ the content running first and last.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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