Amazing Spider-Man #648 second print
Amazing Spider-Man #648 second print, Out of Stock


Written by DAN SLOTT
Pencils and Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
Blank Cover Variant Also Available
Variant Cover by STEFANO CASELLI
Spider-Girl Variant Cover by J. SCOTT CAMPBELL
Wraparound Variant Cover by MARCOS MARTIN

BIG TIME BEGINS! Big changes are happening for the Amazing Spider-Man: Bigger threats, bigger guest-stars, and a big opportunity that could turn Peter Parker's life around! Which cast members are staying and who's saying goodbye? Find out as we're introduced to new characters and reintroduced to a number of Spidey villains as they make the triumphant return to the book! Plus: New developments for Mayor J. Jonah Jameson, the staff at Front Line, and The Sinister Six! The next chapter in Spider-Man history starts here! Guest starring THE AVENGERS and THE FANTASTIC FOUR in a giant-sized, 39 page lead feature! PLUS! An All-New Adventure featuring the All-New SPIDER-GIRL! PAUL TOBIN & CLAYTON HENRY bring a tale of action & intrigue, and make a strong argument for why you can sometimes send a Spider-GIRL to do a Spider-MAN's job… 56 PGS.

Date Available: 01/26/2011

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