Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 vol 3
Amazing Spider-Man #1.1 vol 3, $5.00


Written by Various
Art by Various
Cover by TBA
Sketch Variant Cover by Alex Ross
Variant Cover by John Romita

YEAR ONE: LEARNING TO CRAWL! He sought revenge... and found responsibility. From that night on, a new life began. Join Peter Parker as he takes his first steps towards finding his way in the world as Spider-Man. The chapter you never knew about the story you know by heart. Dan Slott (SPIDER-MAN/HUMAN TORCH) and Ramón Perez (the Eisner winning TALE OF SAND & WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN) bring you a new & reverent spin on the first 60 days of Spider-Man.

Date Available: 5/07/2014

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