All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #8
All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #8, $15.00


Written by Frank Miller
Art and cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams

Part 1 of Frank Miller’s & Jim Lee’s two-fisted thrill ride ends here, yet it’s only just begun! The Dark Knight links a brutal psychopath to the Flying Grayson’s murder, and the streets of Gotham run red with terror! Dick Grayson is reborn to wage war on crime! The newly banded Justice League fans out, trying to catch a bat!

"At this point, me singing the praises of a book so polarizing in its intended audience that they might as well call it ‘Divisive Comics featuring Batman’ is sort-of moot. Either you love what Frank Miller’s doing on this, or you stopped reading after the line ‘singing the praises’ and have commenced frothing spite and malice all over your computer screen. Which, I mean, I get. If you haven’t liked this book yet, you will HATE this issue like you’ve hated every other one. Miller does whatever the hell he wants, which I think is hilarious and entertaining, but is (judging by anecdotal evidence like talking to anyone who ever read this title) absolutely going to drive some folks nuts. If, for example, you see a cover with the Joker and cannot CANNOT get past the idea that he has a big dragon tattoo on his back, this is not the book for you. If you think that all the ‘g-dd-mned Batman’ stuff is not meant to be a joke, this is not the book for you. But if you can accept a Batman book that refuses to accept any conventional wisdom on what a Batman comic (or Batman himself) should look or sound like, this book is for you."


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