Action Comics #5
Action Comics #5, $4.50


(W) Grant Morrison
(A) Andy Kubert
(CA) Rags Morales

As the assault from an alien threat takes a turn for the worse for Metropolis, keys facts about Superman's past are brought to light for the first time! And how can certain elements from The Man of Steel's future help to prevent the theft of the millennium? Don't miss this awesome issue from series writer Grant Morrison and the guest art team of Andy Kubert and Jesse Delperdang!

Date Available: 01/04/2012


Back in the OLD DCU, if a red-hot writer/artist team couldn't get a book out on time, you sat and you waited 2 months, 3 months? for your regular monthly comic. The NEW DCU brings us a copy every single month, and if this is any indication of the quality I'm going to get for a 'fill-in' then color me happy! Andy Kubert is so awesome I didn't even miss Rags Morales, and while this 2 part storyline does not take place in the same time period as the current Action story, it does tie in and does fill in some missing information (Krypto?) about Supermans past/origin. Great Stuff! Don't skip 2 issues waiting for Rags return - you'll be missing out!

8 out of 10 Grahams

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