Mike Looks Forward

January 5, 2022 Articles

The past few years I have not been the most optimistic with my views of the future. I look at the future as what bad things can happen next. Yet some time in the middle of 2021 something in me broke. I stopped being pessimistic and tired to see through the miasma of the present towards the future. Being pessimistic and angry takes way too much energy and that is energy I do not have anymore. I look forward to the things that actually make me happy like Blu-Ray releases, new “TV” shows, and lastly comics. I can’t change the bad things of the past and the present but I can sure try to look towards a somewhat brighter future.

2022 has some really bright points in the way of comics. I may not know everything that is coming out in 2022 but I know some and they make me really happy. I will give you a sampling of what I know that makes me really happy for the coming year.

IMAGE COMICS is celebrating their 30th anniversary this year so there is all sorts of plans. Some I care about and some I do not. It doesn’t mean the plans I do not mention are bad. It’s just they don’t interest me. Yet, to start they are bringing back SAGA! One of the best books period. There is a reason the first trade paperback is on our top 50. I am also glad because I actually have a date for all those people asking when it is coming back. Also speaking of returns, ASTRO CITY is coming back with all the orginal creators. I have always enjoyed this book for it is just great super-hero stories. I am hoping they do reprints of the early trades so people who have not read it before can see how great it is. Lastly, Kyle Higgins is creating a super-hero universe with RADIANT BLACK. There will be one-shots and mini-series fleshing out more characters.

DC COMICS has a few books coming out that have peaked my interest. First off, there will be a new installment in the BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT series called BATMAN BEYOND THE WHITE KNIGHT. I have loved this book since the start and now putting Batman Beyond in it makes me smile. One of the other books has the return of Mark Waid to the DC universe. He will be writing BATMAN/SUPERMAN WORLD’S FINEST. I just foresee a fun and wild ride for that book. The BLACK LABEL imprint will be bringing together the Flash villains in ROGUES. They disbanded 10 years ago but they band together for one last great heist. Seems like an interesting one to me. Lastly, the return of NICE HOUSE ON THE LAKE and the first trade of issues 1 through 6. The perfect time to get caught up on this great book and start new issues.


MARVEL COMICS has quite a few changes and new books for 2022. The X-MEN universe is getting a bunch of new books. If that is your bag. Yet, they are going to try to put Miracleman into the Marvel universe. I am interested to see how they do this. Punisher gets revamped where he heads the Hand. The new Sorcerer Supreme will be Clea. Hulk will get the Grand Design treatment. A What If? Book with Captain Carter (one of my favorite parts of the Disney+ series). Lastly, I want to see how the DEVIL’S REIGN storyline will affect the Marvel universe.

DARK HORSE COMICS has a couple of things in the works. First, Capullo and Snyder have a book called WE HAVE DEMONS coming out in March. I don’t know about everyone else but they at least can do a damn entertaining book. That is all I am looking for anymore. Yet, while doing investigating for the entry I found out that Dark Horse is going to publish some Star Wars comics. I could not find out what but I am interested in seeing what they do. Not to scare anyone but Marvel will still be publishing books as well. Only time will tell.

Lastly, the book I am crazy excited for is GODZILLA VS MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS. Anyone who slightly knows me knows that I am nuts for Godzilla. Yet, I am also nuts for the Japanese guys in rubber suits beating the crap out of each other genre (not the real name for it). I do not know much about Power Rangers but I can respect it. It’s no Spectreman but it is still fun to watch. This will be the book of the year for me. It just sounds crazy fun. This is the book we need for 2022.

I know there are so many other books coming out for 2022 but these are the ones that put a smile on my face. I see Witchblade and Darkness is coming out again along with Walking Dead, but they are not my gig anymore. Not that any of the new books coming out are bad they just don’t interest me. That is what is great about comics, there is something for everyone. My recommendation to everyone who are getting excited about the new books coming out is to let your local comic provider know that you want a certain title. Hey, if I could read minds I wouldn’t be here writing this. Information is power but useless when kept to yourself. Thank you for listening to my blathering.