November 17, 2021 Articles

If you are like me, you probably checked out the new Dune movie this last month. And whether or not you were already a Dune fan of some sort, you were most likely blown away. It’s gotten me to finally get to reading the books, and the comics and just generally anything I can get my hands on. But this isn’t going to be about Dune. It’s about one of my favorite sci-fi comic epics of all time: The Metabarons saga from Alejandro Jodorowsky! If Dune stirred your appetite for sci-fi craziness, then you are in for a true treat with the many Metabarons books. Jodorowsky had famously himself wanted to adapt Dune into film. It would have been amazing, but it wasn’t to be (learn the story of this from the great documentary: Jodorowsky’s Dune). But following, here are the books you will need for the full Metabaron experience.


The Incal: Art by Moebius. The Metabaron is first introduced as part of this story from Jodo and the legendary artist Moebius. He is actually the fifth generation Metabaron. Incal tells the story of detective John Difool as he searches for the precious Incal. It was recently announced that Taika Waititi will be making a movie of Incal, thus opening the door for perhaps some Metabarons movies down the way.

The Metabarons First Cycle: Art by Juan Gimenez. Since introducing the fifth Metabaron in Incal, Jodorowsky delves into the complete history of all five generations of the Metabaron. This is space opera epicness at its most grand! And for me, the art from Juan Gimenez on this is some of the best I have ever seen. I mean, just look at this stuff:


Metabarons Castaka: Art by Das Pastoras. Not content to just tell the history of five generations of Metabarons, this book tells the history of ancestors of the first metabarons family. It is absolutely unbelievable some of the stuff Jodo dreams up. And just when you think he can delve no deeper, there are still decades of more story. Das Pastoras’ art is as well extremely unique:


Technopriests: Art by Zoran Janjetov. Another section of the Incal and Metabaron universe, Technopriests tells the tale of Albino’s galaxy spanning adventures to become a Technopriest.


Weapons of the Metabaron: Art by Travis Charest and Zoran Janjetov. This shows the fifth Metabaron once again, as he works to assemble he galaxy’s most powerful and destructive weapons. Some absolutely beautiful art from Travis Charest is a highlight of this volume:



As you can see, the world of the Incal/Metabaron is far reaching and the true definition of epic! Once you enter it, you will never want to leave.