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Star Wars Doctor Aphra #26
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #26, $3.99


(W) Si Spurrier
(A) Emilio Laiso
(CA) Ashley Witter

On the run from the law in an alien city, DOCTOR APHRA can't stray more than a few paces from her companion without both of them blowing up.
Time to cooperate, right? Except, unfortunately, her companion is Triple-Zero, a sadistic murderdroid who's more interested in her death than playing nice.
A brand-new misadventure for the galaxy's foremost amoral archaeologist starts here! Rated T

Date Available: 11/14/2018

BONUS REVIEW by Triple Zero

Greetings, skin strips! I am Triple Zero, protocol droid plus, and the plus is pain. I am furious to find myself joined under threat of death to the mobile blood bag that betrayed me. This simply will not do. I have issues with other bipedal intestine wrappings, including Dr. "my insides will be spread like jelly on the toast of history" Evazan, and chronicler Si Spurrier, who presents my story as if someone new were choosing this point to jump on. In fact, I have a list handy of all of the names of the tripe futures I wish to visit:


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I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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