FCBD 2017 Guardians Of The Galaxy #1
FCBD 2017 Guardians Of The Galaxy #1, $1.99


Something. Something. Something. Something else.
Date Available: 04/12/2017

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

Let the record show that good sir Aaron Kuder is a fantastic fit for art duties on Guardians of the Galaxy. If you've ever wondered what Batman Inc. would have looked like with a raccoon instead of a cow, look no further. Blending movie and comic tropes together, Gerry Duggan brings a little more fun to the fun, something lacking in too much of Bendis' second volume of GOTG.

Speaking of GOTG and seconds, you'll be happy to hear that the movie is GREAT. You'll love it. Really and for true.

Speaking of Bendis, he writes the second feature of Marvel's FCBD offering (one of them), bringing the TV Defenders together in the comic universe as a new team fighting for the heart of Hell's Kitchen. So, Bendis did my favorite run on DD, and he's writing DD here, so my dismissal of his body of work from 2016 is really being challenged here. Grrr. He's also brought along Jessica Jones because grrr, and David Marquez on art duties, because GRRRRR. Fine. He can have this one. It's also pretty awesome. Too bad DC couldn't publish anything original for FCBD, right? Advantage- Marvel.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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