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Releases for the Week of                
November 29th, 2006

Avengers Next #2
Black Panther #22
Black Panther #21 (2nd Print)
Captain America #24
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14
Immortal Iron Fist #1
Marvel Milestones Onslaught
Nextwave Agents of Hate #10
Onslaught Reborn #1
Onslaught Reborn #1 Liefeld Incentive Sketch Cover
Powers #21
Punisher #41
Punisher X-Mas Special
Sensational Spider-Man #32
Spider-Man Family Spider-Clan
Stan Lee Meets Dr. Doom
Ultimate Power #2
Ultimate Vision #0
What If? Wolverine Enemy of the State
X-Men #193
Young Guns Reloaded Sketchbook
Zombie #3

52 Week #30
Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #46
Batman #659
Batman The Spirit
Flash the Fastest Man Alive #6
Green Lantern #15
Guy Gardner Collateral Damage #1
Ion #8
Rush City #3
Superman Batman #30
Teen Titans #40
Warlord #10

American Virgin #9
Crossing Midnight #1
Loveless #13

Deathblow #2
Deathblow #2 Incentive Cover
Wetworks #3
Wetworks #3 Incentive Cover

Army of Darkness #12 Moore Cover
Army of Darkness #12 Bradshaw Cover
Army of Darkness #12 Sharpe Cover
Army of Darkness #12 Sablik Cover
Army of Darkness #12 Bradshaw Virgin Incentive Cover
Army of Darkness #12 Sharpe Virgin Incentive Cover
Caastle Waiting vol. II #3
Conan & Songs of the Dead #5
Dummies Guide to Danger #3
Emissary #6
Ghost in the Shell 1.5 #2
Negative Burn #6
Savage Dragon #130
Sea of Red #13
Shonen Jump #49
Spawn #162
Star Wars Legacy #6
Starship Troopers Dead man’s Hand #4
Talent #4
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose #41
Transformers Escalation #1
Transformers Escalation #1 B&W Incentive Cover
Transformers Escalation #1 1 in 25 incentive cover
True Story Swear to God #2
Whisper #1
Zombies vs. Robots #1

Oh My Goddess vol. 3 R-T-L

Acme Novelty Library vol. 17 HC
Art of Brian Bolland HC
Avengers Galactic Storm vol. 2
Dark Horse Book of Monsters HC
Emily the Strange vol. 1
Essential Man-Thing vol. 1
Ex Machina vol. 4
Goon vol. 5
Green Lantern Revenge of the Green Lanterns HC
Last Christmas
Marvel Masterworks Thor vol. 5 HC
Noble Causes vol. 6
Punisher Max vol. 6
Sparrow Phil Hale
Transformers Infiltration Manga TPB

Buffy 2006 Yearbook Newsstand Cover
Buffy 2006 Yearbook Previews Cover
Comics Journal #279
Doctor Who #376
Scrye #104
SFX #150
Tomart’s Action Figure Digest #149

Marvel Adventures FF vol. 4
Sonic the Hedgehog #169
Tales from Riverdale Digest #16
Teen Titans Go #37
Veronica #176

Chucky 12” Talking Figure
Cult Classics Series 5
Lost Series 1
Lost Series 1 Box Set
V for Vendetta 7” Figure
Wolverine Bust Bank

 ...book books or comic books?...


graham-tag-o-nism / gram-TAG-uh-niz-uhm

1. an active hostility or opposition, in regards to comic book reviews, between unfriendly or conflicting employees of Graham Crackers Comics.

2. a relationship between two species of simultaneous reviews in which the individuals of each opinion adversely affect the other, as in competition.

3. a weekly on-line comic book review column by
W. DAL BUSH and PATRICK BROWER in which their opinions take precedence over yours.


PATRICK: Can you smell that, W. Dal? The smell of fresh baking comics ready for holiday consumption! What better than a glistening copy of Punisher War Journal #1 glazed to perfection waiting to be devoured? Mmmmmm, taste that Jack of Fables #5! I am thankful that comics are good food. Say, what are YOU thankful for DDB?

W. DAL: As always, I'm thankful that not EVERY book I love is getting cancelled. So, for maybe the last Thanksgiving, I'm thankful I can look forward to new issues of: Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, a Power Pack series, Moon Knight, Nextwave, Punisher MAX, Astonishing X-Men, Fables, Y The Last Man, All-Star Superman, Checkmate, Shadowpact, Fell, Local, and Manifest Eternity. Oh wait, that one did get cancelled. Well, thanks for nothing then.

PATRICK: Y’know, in keeping with the gluttony of the holiday, we always exclude everyone else here at Graham Crackers Comics when it comes to these here Grahamtagonisms, and I know it’s because our opinions are the only ones that matter and no one REALLY cares what Jimmy would have to say about anything, but let’s do the opposite and open the floodgates to see what our retail brethren are happy about this year!

RYAN (Chicago Loop): I’m thankful that Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #3 is finally cancelled, to be re-solicited after issues 4, 5 and 6 are completed. I’ll be even more thankful when people STOP ASKING ABOUT IT.

ANDY (Chicago Loop): I’m thankful that the Ultimate Clone Saga is almost over with in Ultimate Spider-Man! I’m also thankful that Illinois has raised minimum wage to $7 so now I’m underpaid by $3 an hour! Wait a minute…

GRONK (Chicago Loop): I tried to think of something witty, but I choose honesty over hilarity; I’m thankful for Darwyn Cooke.

FALLON (Chicago Loop): I’m thankful Matt Streets left the country for this Thanksgiving Holiday, giving the TRUE employees room to get REAL work done. Slacker.

MIKE (St. Charles): I’m thankful for DC’s “Showcase Presents” line. Unknown Soldier! Haunted Tank!

MATT A. (St. Charles): I’m thankful for the Superman Confidential team of Darwyn Cook and Tim Sale.

EARL (Bolingbrook): I’m thankful that Rob Liefeld isn’t twins!

RICK (DeKalb): I’m very thankful for the Olivier Coipel sketch of Thor in Wizard #183.

JIMMY (Wheaton): Jimmy is thankful for… porn comics!

TOM (Lincoln Park): I am sooo thankful for them Suicide Girls!

JAMES (Lincoln Park): I’m thankful I have a job working so closely with Jamie Graham.

JIM (Plainfield): I’m thankful to all the Plainfield customers… both of them.

JOHN E. (GrahamCrackers.com): I’m thankful for good comic book role models for kids. Like John Constantine.

DAN S. (GrahamCrackers.com): I’m thankful I have a freakin’ job!

BRIAN (Downers Grove): I’m thankful that if Brian K. Vaughn HAS to leave “Runaways” at least they got a talent like Joss Whedon to take over for him.

CHRIS (Downers Grove/Naperville): I’m thankful for Alex Ross, but only today, because I feel like it’s a nice thing to do. ‘Tis the season?

PATRICK: Bah! Enough sharing with fellow employees! What are comic book professionals thankful for?

SKOTTIE (Spider-Clan/New Warriors) YOUNG: Chris Bachalo, baby!  I'm thankful to be inspired by so many talented artists!

MIKE (All-New Atom/Runaways) NORTON: I'm thankful to earn my living drawing comics and that I get to work with so many wonderfully skilled people.  And for good cell phone reception.

TIM (Hack Slash/Forgotten Realms) SEELEY: I’m thankful for limited edition comic book covers so I can still make a living, and for all the cool people who work in comics in Chicago that I get to hangout with.

CHRIS (Wasteland) MITTEN: I'm thankful for the concepts of sleep and relaxation, though I have as yet been unable to put either into practice. It's just nice to know they're there.

LUKE (Fangirl/So Spooky) SMARTO: I'm thankful for Mike Mayhew She-Hulk covers because, A) I always wanted to know what Czech uber-babe Veronika Zeminova would look like with green-colored skin and hair, and B) Hating's fun, kids!

JAMES (STUN Podcast/Q101) VANOSDOL: I'm thankful for all-consuming, company-wide, crossovers that strangle the creative life out of the big two universes! And that JSA is coming back...

W. DAL: Wow! I'm additionally so thankful that Pat went to the trouble of getting everyone else involved in this week's Grahamtagonism. While that means you didn't get an all-new review from the two of us, be thankful for this: you didn't get an all-new review from the two of us. And not to ruin the surprise, but you're likely to see something similar for Christmas. But before that, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. As Luke Cage famously said in Heroes For Hire #86 "Enjoy your turkey, turkeys!" Look it up! (NOTE: Don't look it up.)

PATRICK: And lastly, as Dal says above, I am extremely thankful I got out of having to write another Grahamtagonism column. I’m also thankful for the idea I now have for a New Year’s column…


Marvel Comics

will be on Hand to Sign his Brand New Comic
Wednesday, November 29th

@ Graham Crackers Chicago Loop
Starting at Noon!

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