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Releases for the week of                
May 24th, 2006

Annihilation Ronan 2
Black Panther 16
Daredevil 85
Eternals Sketchbook
Exiles 81
Fantastic Four A Death in the Family
Iron Man 8
Last Planet Standing 2
Marvel Milestones Black Panther/Storm/Ka-Zar
Marvel Zombies 5 (2nd Print)
New Avengers 19
New Excalibur 7
Nextwave Agents of Hate 5
Nextwave Agents of Hate Crayon Butchery Version 5
Powers 18
Sensational Spider-Man 26
She Hulk 8
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 6
Squadron Supreme 3
Wolverine 42
X-Factor 7
X-Statix Presents Dead Girl 5

52 Week 3
Batman 653
Birds of Prey 94
Blue Beetle 3
Catwoman 55
Checkmate 2
Checkmate 1 (2nd Print)
Crisis Aftermath Battle for Bludhaven 4
Green Lantern 11
Hawkgirl 52
JSA Classified 12
Justice 4 (2nd Print)
Justice 5 (2nd Print)
Robin 149 (2nd Print)
Secret Six 1
Supergirl & Legion of Super Heroes 18
Teen Titans 36

Hellblazer 220
Loveless 7
Testament 6

American Way 4
Skye Runner 2
Thunderbolt Jaxon 4

Angry Youth Comix 11
Buckaroo Banzai 1
Chicanos 7
Conan Book of Thoth 2
Exalted 1 (2nd Print)
Grounded 6
Last Christmas 1
LOADED BIBLE Jesus vs. Vampires
Negative Burn 1
Ninja High School 138
PvP 26
Rocketo 8
Roy Thomas Anthem 2
Shrugged 0
Spawn 156
Spike vs. Dracula 3
Spike vs. Dracula 3 Incentive Cover
Strange Girl 8
Strangers In Paradise 82
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grind 1
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grind 1 Gore Cover
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grind 1 Leather Cover
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grind 1 Terror Cover
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Grind 1 Wrap Cover
Villains 1
Witchblade 98
Wyrms 1 (Orson Scott Card)

Cromarte High School vol. 6
Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex The Lost
Tenjho Tenge vol. 7
Vampire Hunter D vol. 4 Novel

Black Widow Things They Say About Her
Carl Barks’ Greatest Duck Tales Stories
Concrete vol. 5
History of Web Comics
Legion of Super Heroes vol. 2
Loveless vol. 1
Marvel Masterworks Fantastic Four vol. 10
New Thunderbolts vol. 3
Rising Stars vol. 4
Scott Pilgrim vol. 3
Spider-Man Black Cat HC
Star Trek Key Collection vol. 5
Superman Strange Attractors

Comics Journal 276
Dragon 344
Following Cerebus 8
Newtype Japanese April 2006
Newtype English June 2006
TV Zone Special 69

Archie 566
Archie Double Digest 170
Avengers & Power Pack Assemble 2
Cars Cinemanga
Cars Jr Cinemanga
Cartoon Network Block Party 21
Futurama Comics 25
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane 6
Uncle Scrooge 354
Walt Disney’s Comics 669

DC Who’s Who Mystery Box Series 1
Silver Age Superman Series 1
Simpsons Bust Ups Series 2
Tenjho Tenge Aya Bome Figure
Tenjho Tenge Maya Bome Figure

Rustic Spider-Man Logo

Comic Book Creator CD

...strap in for the roller coaster ride that is...

With your online hosts W. DAL BUSH (chillin' from his Naperville crib) and PATRICK BROWER (drinking Chicago Loop dry). Each column we pick a book (or so) from LAST WEEK to discuss in depth.  Or ridicule.  Or to chastise each other for liking/not liking.  Whichever.

W. DAL: Okay, fine. So, the idea this week, like every week, is to review the big new release of the week. But look at that. There really isn't one. Thanks, comics! So instead, we're going to toss out a few questions to one another for a scattered (or "Graham Crackers") look at this week's books. QUESTION ONE! Best Marvel book this week?

PATRICK: I wanted to say Captain America #18, but the real answer is Moon Knight #2. Wow.

W. DAL: WRONG! I thought you read comics? Those of us who do, know that Annihilation: Nova was the best, most-completely-funnest (TM Walt Whitman) Marvel comic this week.

PATRICK: Did you ask what was the best, most-completely-funnest book? No, you did not. Moon Knight is in no way completely-funnest, but it IS certainly the most brutal non-MAX book Marvel has published in quite some time. Charlie Huston has absolutely nailed the character. He has the intensity, the recklessness and the personality distinction that has been lacking in every other MK book since Chuck Dixon wrote it.

PATRICK: So, Annihilation Nova didn't suck?

PATRICK: How IS Marvel's Green Lantern/Firestorm rip-off doing?

W. DAL: Don't you fact-check me. Don't! I asked "Best". Not most violent. 'Cause sweet fancy Lecter, that thing was crazy violent. Yikes. Anything that makes me watch Fight Club to to get violent images out of my head is MESSED UP. But, y'know, in a good way. So yeah, Moon is the most hardcore, violent, over-the-top kidney punch of a Marvel book you're likely to read as you're being thrown through a window. But Nova? Whole other animal. Space opera full of widescreen action that... here's the key...

W. DAL: ...has a sense of humor about itself! Not a sci-fi sense of humor "Data told a joke on Star Trek" style. ACTUAL funny dialogue. By the Death Star load.

PATRICK: Well, "load" IS a word I would use in reference to Annihilation...

W. DAL: And seriously, nabbing the Firsetorm aesthetic has completely revitalised Nova. God Bless you, Abnett and Lanning!

W. DAL: Oh, absolutely. The other 3 books b-l-o-w-w-w-w-w.

PATRICK: So speaking of X-Men Fairy Tales...

W. DAL: Anyway... best DC book? I'm sayin' 52. That baby's going to be the book to beat for quite some time.

PATRICK: 50 more weeks to see if it holds up!

PATRICK: I think Joe Bennett was a little shakier this time, and I have yet to read the History of the DCU back-up, but yeah, great f'n book this 52 is.

PATRICK: Elongated man is slowly coming out of his funk. I can't wait to see how dark he can get without Sue to balance him out!

PATRICK: And yay for you, Skeets is back on-line!

W. DAL: Sure, sure. I'm never going to WANT to see Joe Bennett on a book, but I'm getting used to not hating him. That Jurgens back-up is lame, though. I'd hardly hold that against the main story, so "52" itself is stellar. The Elongated Man stuff, along with the Doc Magnus sub-plot, had me totally gripped.

PATRICK: And once again The Question steals his scenes, and considering that his scenes are with half-naked lesbians, that's some scene to steal!

PATRICK: By the seashore with seashells...

W. DAL: Yeah. The thing I dug the most was little ideas to be dealt with down the line: "Perhaps one day I'll tell you about the Red Inferno." C'MON! How cool is that? Huh?

PATRICK: Pretty darn cool. Moving on, what don't you like about Shadowpact?

W. DAL: Well, and I hate (HATE) to be a continuity-nerd, but how exactly does Superman show up in the intro after he lost his powers in Infinite Crisis? And for several pages? Does anyone edit books anymore?

PATRICK: Okay, I agree with you there. It doesn't seem to fit into Crisis continuity. But it's FUN! That new group of magic-bad guys? The anti-Shadowpact? Cool. Strega, the red-head with a goat-shaped cut-out in her costume? Awesome. Worth the $2.99 alone for her.

PATRICK: Sure Willingham's art is weak and I doubt he can pencil and ink 1 book a month as well as write 3, but for now, funfunfun!

W. DAL: See, that's the thing. I don't know that it's worth the $3. It's fun and all, but a little on the slight side. It was just okay. And right now, there's SO many better books. Okay ain't gonna cut it.

PATRICK: But she has a goat head shape cut out of her bust!! And she's a redhead! What is wrong with you? Too man re-reads of Ironwood got you wanting "more?"

PATRICK: Actually, if you'll excuse me for about 15 minutes, I need an Ironwood refresher as well...

W. DAL: Yeah, wow. Ironwood.

W. DAL: What's up with that? How come there's no more good American smut? Or has the bar been lowered (thanks to books like Skye Runner and Danger Girl) that it's irrelevant?

PATRICK: HEY! HEY! OCCUPIED! Knock next time, will ya?!?

PATRICK: Oh, uh sorry. I meant, why does it all have to be either bad Japanese Manga rip-offs or people who just cannot draw?

PATRICK: Where IS Chuck Austen? After all it's baseball season...

PATRICK: Um, do you think anyone reading this actually remembers Hardball?

W. DAL: Only perverts. Hi, Jimmy!


PATRICK: So clearly no good smut this week. Anything else you wanna mention?

W. DAL: Yeah, let's round it out. Best Indie-pendent book. I LOVED the first issue of Talent, but I'm going to give the nod to Fell #5 for scratching that Shield itch.

PATRICK: Yeah, I dug your (*cough* *edited*) Fell review in last weeks Graham Crackers email newsletter. I, too, enjoyed the premise of Talent and was very glad it is not a Lost rip-off like I feared.

W. DAL: I usually hate Tom Sniegoski and Chris Golden with the fire of a thousand Buffy fans, put I'll give them props for how well Talent came out. Plus, Paul Azaceta's art is too damn pretty to not fall in love with. By turns Mazzuchelli, Toth, Edwards... good lord, it's like a Composite Superartist.

W. DAL: So! This week in comics. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Heavy? Delicious? Gregarious? Tall?

PATRICK: Well, as a composite week of comics, I call it

  6 Grahams. There were a few bright, shining stars, but for every Cap #18, there are 7 to 10 New Mangaverses, Family Guys and Man-Bats waiting in the thick, flapping, leathery wings.

W. DAL: Not exactly the week in comics that's going to set the world on fire, but not one that'll make people take up knitting instead. So,

  6 Grahams, sure. Well, this is what Grahamtagonism is like when there's barely anything to talk about. So, please, Comic Books, be bigger and newer next week. If anyone reading this can get a job at Marvel or DC in the next two days to facilitate that, I'd appreciate it. I'll send you a hug. A hug made of bribing money.

What Would Jesus Do?
Kick Vampire Butt!
Image Comics

Meet Loaded Bible Creator TIM SEELEY this Wednesday,
May 24th, at CH LOOP! 12:00 Noon!

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