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Releases for the Week of
Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Agents of Atlas #5
Agents of Atlas #5 Incentive Cover
All-New Savage She-Hulk #1 (of 4) 2nd Print
Amazing Spider-Man #594
Amazing Spider-Man Family #6
Captain America #50
Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3
Fantastic Four #566
Fantastic Force #2
Hulk #12 Adams Incentive Cover
Hulk #12 Defenders Cover
Hulk #12 Offenders Cover
Marvel Mystery Comics #1 70th Anniversary Special
Marvel Mystery Comics #1 Incentive Cover
Planet Skaar Prologue
Punisher #5 Goblin Cover
Punisher #5 Hood Cover
Skrull Kill Krew #2
Skrull Kill Krew #2 Cow Incentive
Terror Inc. Apocalypse Soon #2 (of 5)
Thunderbolts #132
Timestorm 2009-2099 #2 (of 4)
Wolverine Noir #2
Wolverine Noir #2 Calero Variant
Wolverine Weapon X #2
Wolverine Weapon X #2 Djurdjevic Cover
X-Men #510
X-Men #510 Campbell Incentive
X-Men Forever Alpha Beast Cover
X-Men Forever Alpha Cyclops Cover
ythaq no escape #2 (of 3)

Batman Battle for the Cowl #1 2nd Print
Batman Battle for the Cowl #3 (of 3)
Batman Battle for the Cowl #3 (of 3) Incentive Cover
Brave and the Bold #23
Final Crisis Aftermath Dance #1 (of 6)
Green Arrow Black Canary #20
Outsiders #18
Supergirl #41
Superman Batman #60
Trinity #51
Vigilante #6

Air #9
Hellblazer #255
Jack of Fables #34

Ex Machina #42
Gears of War #7
Killapalooza #1 (of 6)
Mysterius: The Unfathomable #5
Resident Evil #2
World of Warcraft #19

Angel After the Fall #21 Rodriguez Cover
Angel After the Fall #21 Runge Cover
Angel After the Fall #21 Sketch Cover
Angel After the Fall #21 Virgin Cover
Battlestar Galactica Cylon War #4 Foil Cover
Black Terror #4
Black Terror #4 Ross Negative Cover
Black Terror #4 Lilly Cover A
Black Terror #4 Lilly Cover B
Black Terror #4 Lilly Cover C
Boys Herogasm #1
Boys Herogasm #1 Negative Cover
Boys Herogasm #1 Virgin Cover
Broken Trinity #2 Silvestri Con
Cars Rookie #2 (of 4)
Cars Rookie #2 (of 4) Cover B
Complete Dracula #1 (of 5)
Complete Dracula #1 (of 5) Negative Cover
Criminal Macabre Cell Block 666 #4
Doctor Who Time Machination
Doctor Who Time Machination incentive cvr
Dreamer #6 Frisson Cover
Dreamer #6 Lora Innes Cover
Dresden Files Storm Front #4
Four Eyes #3
GI Joe #5 Elaine Williams' Brother Robert Atkins Cover
GI Joe #5 Johnson Cover
GI Joe #5 Johnson Virgin Cover
Gigantic #4
Greatest American Hero #3
Grimm Fairy Tales #38
Hack Slash The Series #22 Martin Abel Cover B
Hack Slash The Series #22 Seeley Cover A
Hotwire #3 Green Cover
Hotwire #3 Chick Cover
Invincible #62
Locke & Key Head Games #5
Masquerade #3 Foil Ross Cover
Mercy Thompson Homecoming #3
Ninja High School #170
Olympus #1
Star Trek Alien Spotlight Romulans
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #41
Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen #5
Tales of the TMNT #58
The Great Unknown #2
Transformers All Hail Megatron #11 Coller Cover
Transformers All Hail Megatron #11 Hutchinson Cover
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation #1 Nizzi Cvr
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Movie Adaptation #1 Photo Cvr
Warriors Official Movie Adaptation #2
Witchblade #127 Cover A Sejic
Witchblade #127 Cover B Waller

Batman Mad Love and Other Stories HC
Ben Templesmiths Dracula GN
Big Book of Barry Ween Boy Genius TPB
Black Panther TP Who is Black Panther
Booster Gold Vol 1 52 Pick-Up TPB
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Vol. 7 TPB
Dawn Worlds of Final Fantasy HC
G-Man TP Vol 1 Learning to Fly
Gary the Pirate GN
GI Joe Best of Hawk TP
Heroes TPB Vol 02
Hulk World War Hulk HC
Invincible Vol 10 Whos the Boss
Modesty Blaise TP Vol 15 Lady Killers
NYX No Way Home Prem HC DM ED
Punisher War Journal TPB Vol 5 Secret Invasion DM ED
Rann Thanager Holy War TP Vol 1
Superman Ending Battle TP
The Goon Vol 7 Place Of Heartache & Grief TPB
Thor by J. Michael Stracznski Vol. 2 HC
Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson TP VOL 02
Transmetropolitan Vol 2 Lust for Life New Ed
Ultimate Galactus Trilogy TP
War of Kings Road to War of Kings
Young X-Men Vol 2 Book Of Revelations TPB

2000 AD #1631
2000 AD #1632
Heavy Metal July 2009 #124
Heroes Magazines #10
Heroes Magazines #10 Previews Exclusive Cover
SFX #182
Star Trek Magazine #18 Previews Exclusive Cover
Terminator Salvation Mag Previews Exclusive Cover

Archie Digest #254
Incredibles Family Matters #2
Incredibles Family Matters #2 Cover B
Jughead #195
Marvel Adventures Avengers #36
Scooby Doo #144
Simpsons Comics #154
Simpsons Comics Treasure Trove #5
Tiny Titans #16
Tiny Titans Vol 2 Adventures In Awsomeness TPB

Heroes of the DCU Batman Bust
Star Trek TOS Orion Slave Girl Vinyl Figure

New Release List Glossary

INCENTIVE COVER = A cover that is more rare than a regular cover.  For example, a “1 in 10” Incentive means that for every 10 regular covers there is 1 of the Incentive cover available.  Prices vary depending on the rarity of the Incentive.

VARIANT COVER = A cover that is printed in an equal ratio to the regular cover.  For example, "Captain America: The Chosen" has 2 covers for each issue, printed in a 1-for-1 ratio.  For every Charest drawn cover there is a Brewister-drawn cover. 

HC = Hardcover

SC = Softcover

(2nd PRINT) = A previously released comic that has been reprinted by the publisher after their initial print run has sold out.  Usually has a different cover than the first printing.

(3rd PRINT) = Same as above, only printed after the 2nd Printing has sold out from the publisher.

MMW = Marvel Masterworks, Marvel Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material. Usually $50 or more.

ARCHIVE = DC Comics' hardcover, full-color collections of older material. Usually $50 or more.

ESSENTIAL = Marvel Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper. Usually $20 or less.

SHOWCASE = Showcase Presents..., DC Comics' softcover, black & white collections of older material, printed on less expensive paper. Usually $20 or less.

MA = Marvel Adventures, Marvel Comics' all-ages accessible line of comics and digests.


Marvel Comics

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