Y The Last Man Vol 1 Unmanned TPB
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Yorick Brown is an aspiring escape artist living in New York City. His girlfriend, Beth, is on a work study program in Australia, so he’s pretty much stuck in his apartment with Ampersand, an ill-tempered monkey he’s attempting to train… …And then The Plague hits, which, in a matter of minutes, kills every male mammal on Earth…except Yorick and Ampersand. So begins Brian Vaughan and Pia Guerra’s Y: The Last Man. The idea has been used before, but Vaughan has put a great degree of research into this series, lending an air of verisimilitude previously unseen. Yorick’s first task after the plague is to get to his Congresswoman mother in Washington, D.C., who then sets him up with the other two main characters in the book: a deadly super-secret agent known only as “355”, and Dr. Allison Mann, foremost (remaining) authority on human cloning. This barebones description doesn’t even touch on the various factions that might not necessarily want there to be one man left, from the Israeli army (one of the very few that trains women for combat), to a self-mutilating cult of hardcore anti-maleists (with a shocking connection to Yorick). Through it all, Eisner-winner Vaughan has a very precise grasp on all of his characters: each has a strong, well-defined personality, a carefully-thought out history, and secrets aplenty. Guerra and Marzan’s artwork is clean and clear, with each character having a distinctive look and feel. There have been, to date, five collections of Y, with a sixth on the way. Pick up the first today and get immersed in Yorick Brown’s world—don’t be the last one not reading it.