Wolverine And Captain America Weapon Plus #1
Wolverine And Captain America Weapon Plus #1, $4.99


(W) Sacks, Ethan
(A) Diogenes Neves
(CA) Skan

THE SECRET HISTORY BEHIND THEIR ORIGINS REVEALED! In 1940, scientists attempted to make a man into the perfect weapon, a Super-Soldier. They failed and made him a legend instead. Before the turn of the century, they tried again for the tenth time. They failed, making a man into death incarnate. At long last, ETHAN SACKS (OLD MAN HAWKEYE, STAR WARS: GALAXY'S EDGE) and DIOGENES NEVES (GREEN ARROW, DEATHSTROKE) reveals the shadowy connections between Captain America, Wolverine and many more of the Marvel U's Super-Soldiers… including some surprises! The conspiracy begins here!
Date Available: 07/10/2019

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