X-Men Annual #15 (1991)
X-Men Annual #15 (1991), $0.99

X-Force and the New Warriors guest star in Kings of Pain part 3, "Queens of Sacrifice." Script by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Tom Raney, inks by Joe Rubinstein and others.
Story concludes in X-Factor Annual 6. Freedom Force stars in the Killing Stroke part 2, "The Razor's Edge. Script by Nicieza, pencils by Jerry DeCaire, inks by Rubinstein.
Story continues in X-Factor Annual 6. "The Origin of the X-Men." Script by Len Kaminski, pencils by Ernie Stiner, inks by Don Hudson.
Wolverine stars in "The Enemy Within." Script by Kaminski, pencils by Kirk Jarvinen, inks by Brad Vancata. Mike Mignola cover

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