Thor #5 (2018)
Thor #5 (2018), Out of Stock


(W) Jason Aaron
(A/CA) Christian Ward

GET READY FOR KING THOR AND THE PHOENIX, BUB! In the far future, All-Father Thor reignited the Earth and sparked new life in the universe. But now, something is wiping out other worlds - and Midgard won't be far behind. Luckily, Thor isn't the only god left. But is the Phoenix-possessed Wolverine a friend or foe? Rated T+
Date Available: 09/19/2018


Broken record time. Jason Aaron writes a nigh perfect Thor comic again, again. If you love tales of high adventure, viking gods, mutant berserkers, talking planets, world destroying space birds, drinking stories, symbiotic oozes and terrifying villains pick this book up! If you hate those things, this issue will change your mind. I can hear the cries of better artwork and guest artist Christian Ward's other worldly style says thee Nay! His work fits this type of story to perfection. Don't speculate or hesitate! BUY THIS BOOK AND READ IT! I'm going to go read it again!

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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