Star Wars Doctor Aphra #39
Star Wars Doctor Aphra #39, $3.99


(W) Si Spurrier
(A) Caspar Wijngaard
(CA) Ashley Witter

A ROGUE'S END Part 3: SOME LIKE IT HOTH... DOCTOR APHRA has so far failed to seize the secret location of the new rebel base... but that hasn't stopped the rebels seizing HER... After all the bad blood and countless betrayals, does any love linger between Aphra and her new captor, Rebel Captain MAGNA TOLVAN? But with DARTH VADER himself keeping tabs on her progress, will Aphra see in Tolvan one last, seducible opportunity to sell-out the future of the galaxy, and save her own skin? Rated T
Date Available: 11/27/2019

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

Good issue of Doctor Aphra. Yes, it gets an 8, unless you think about it.

D**n. I thought about it. When you call something 'Destination Hoth', and you just have the rebels turn up on Hoth and that's just their base and there's no story about finding it, there's no story landing there, there's no story explaining what happened on Ord Mandell, when there's 75 issues of book without Hoth and then there's just Hoth and we're going with that even though we had 4 years to at least do something more than print the word Hoth on a cover and be there like some sort of wish factory and its so well known that Doctor Aphra can end up with that information AND be willing to tell Vader AND we know Vader doesn't know where the rebels are at the start of ESB AND next issue is the last issue...

...well, we know that she's not going to bloody tell him then, is she? We know there's a good chance she'll die and if not, have to slink away to survive based on some trickery. Stupid brain. Shut up in there!

I give it 5 out of 10 Grahams

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