Spider-Man #1 (2019) second print
Spider-Man #1 (2019) second print, $4.99


(W) J. J. Abrams, Henry Abrams
(A) Sara Pichelli
(CA) Olivier Coipel

Date Available: 10/23/2019


Sure, it looks pretty, but it's pretty mediocre. Perhaps the future of the Marvel universe is stunt casting. Anyway, there have been somewhere around 300 different Spider-Man titles. This is surely one of them. It could have been better, it could have been worse. It's certainly not as ill conceived as trying to remake Wrath of Khan or anything, and it's not so annoying that you'd want to make a deal Nepifisto to make it go away. It's a solid 5 out of 10. Even the review is boring. However, in my defense, I had my son come up with an unspecified chunk of it. Highly recommended for those with money and time to burn pursuing things of nominal merit, anybody that collects any Marvel first issues, and Gwen Stacy fans who think that ginger always had it coming.

I give it 5 out of 10 Grahams

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