Red Hood And The Outlaws Annual #2
Red Hood And The Outlaws Annual #2, $4.99


(W) Scott Lobdell
(A) Clayton Henry
(CA) Kenneth Rocafort

The boys are back-Red Hood and Arsenal, together again! Sort of. While Jason Todd is recovering after a brutal beatdown from the man who taught him everything he knows about brutal beatdowns, Roy Harper divides his time between being a nursemaid to his bestie and tracking down the source of tainted drugs that have killed thousands. It isn't long before the two find themselves in Beijing battling the Sisters of Suzie Su! All this and…the inexplicable fate of Artemis and Bizarro!
Date Available: 08/29/2018


Beneath a great cover lies an appearance of the Sisters of Suzie Su, who are basically a Quentin Tarentino movie waiting to happen. But wait! There's more! It's a moderately entertaining tale in a moderately entertaining series, but it's also a stealth prequel to Heroes in Crisis, or "Rehab for capes, sorta." So there's that. I hope to eventually see a show where the mother of the Sisters marries the Father of the Sons of the Tiger. They'll call it the Battle Royale Bunch and it'll be just aces! Highly recommended for anybody who's ward turned out to be a junkie, and those of you that hate bowling balls.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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