Miracleman Annual #1
Miracleman Annual #1, $0.99


(W/A) Various (CA) TBD

• Joe Quesada illustrates Grant Morrison's lost Miracleman story, a disturbing confrontation prior to the Battle of London • Peter Milligan and Mike Allred reunite for a new Miracleman classic! • Plus bonus material! Parental Advisory

Date Available: 12/31/2014

BONUS REVIEW by Gavin Rehfeldt

The work within this annual can't compare to what "The Original Writer" accomplished in his original series currently being reprinted by Marvel Comics. Still, it's interesting to get a glimpse at young Grant Morrison's storytelling prowess in his short unpublished piece newly illustrated, to vibrant effect, by Joe Quesada. The story is slight, but it's complete and successful in presenting relevant themes to the Miracleman mythos. Peter Milligan and the Allreds' silver age-inspired story is amusing and consistent with the meta-fiction story Alan Moore brought to the Miracleman franchise! Not great, but worth it for Miracleman and post-modern comics fans.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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