Marvel Zombie #1 (2018)
Marvel Zombie #1 (2018), $4.99


(W) W. Maxwell Prince
(A) Stefano Raffaele
(CA) Juan Ferreyra

NEW FROM THE HOUSE OF IDEAS! MARVEL ZOMBIES IS BACK…WITH A TWIST! Years after an incurable zombie virus ravaged the world, a small colony of survivors is protected by the Marvel U's few remaining heroes, including Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Falcon. But when their last chance at salvation arrives, will they be willing to sacrifice their own humanity in the process? From the twisted minds of ICE CREAM MAN writer W. Maxwell Prince and Stefano Raffaele (Generations: Hawkeye) comes the next macabre obsession for fans of The Walking Dead and The Road! Parental Advisory
Date Available: 10/17/2018


Much like the McRib, the Marvel Zombie Universe is something I never realize I miss until it shows up in front of me. This particular one-shot was great because it features Simon Garth, the main character in the magazine-sized Tales of the Zombie. That's right kids, Simon Garth is the O.Z. of the MCU. It's not gonna change your life, but it might amuse those predisposed to all things mottled and undead. Highly recommended for those who enjoy Halloween one-shots, moon Girl fans, and anybody that fondly remembers those "adult" black and white mags from the seventies.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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