Flash #6 Vol 4
Flash #6 Vol 4, $6.00


Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL

Struggling with the climactic aftermath of his battle with Mob Rule last issue, The Flash must solve a murder mystery that dates back 150 years! Is this case too cold even for Barry Allen? Also: Learn the origins of Central and Keystone City!

Date Available: 02/22/2012

BONUS REVIEW by John Doc Schaefer

Back in the day, the Rogues were my favorite villians of all time. They, hands-down, beat Superman and Batman's villians. They were regular joes that had a gimmick. Heat Wave had pistol flame throwers, Captain Boomerang had, well, boomerangs and Captain Cold had his cold guns. They were frequently found hanging around with each other and you got the impression that they all went bowling together on Thursday night. They respected guy code and that was cool. The New 52 has brought back the character of Captain Cold in a big way but I feel disappointed by the revival. Captain Cold has always been the heart and soul of the Rogues, so it was only natural that DC should try bringing him back first. Len's sister is dying (Flash Fact: Len Snart is Captain Cold's real name) and he cannot do anything to save her (Flash Fact: Len's sister would develop a villainous identity of her own as the Golden Glider). And he decides to take it out on the Flash's world. So far this is pretty much standard Rogue storyline fodder. But Captain Cold's cold guns are gone and he can now generate his chilling effects internally. In essence, Captain Cold has really become a SUPER-villain and this changes the dynamic of his character. And if you had a problem with all those darn priest collars on the JLA, check out the lame hoodie that Cold's now sporting! Ouch! But that's what the kids are wearing these day you old fuddy-duddy, I hear you cry. Tough! Cold's big furry parka hood was ultra cool in it's lameness. Even though some later artists started letting him leave it down around his shoulders. (Shame on you, you know who you are.) The problem we have with Captain Cold's return to the DC Universe is the same as Superman's. After so many years of looking at a character one way and liking it (Superman is the big blue boy scout ... Captain Cold was just a guy with gun that could generate absolute zero) that to present them any other way doesn't sit right. Ice covered blood veins in a phat hoodie may look good to a new generation of comic reader but it's just another shameless grab at sales to us old traditionalists. And one other thing *****Spoiler Alert***** it is my prediction (right here on Feb. 22, 2012 at 8:07pm) that this little deal with the Flash causing problems with the time stream is DC management's out if the New 52 flops. Oh no! The Flash just opened up another wormhole and on the other side of it, is surprise/surprise the Old 52 universe. And while I'm at it whatever happened with the mysterious woman that was popping up in all the New 52 titles? Or has that idea fallen by the wayside as well. What's next, Heat Wave is now a fire elemental?

6 out of 10 Grahams

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