FCBD 2012 Peanuts Adventure Time Flipbook
FCBD 2012 Peanuts Adventure Time Flipbook, $1.99

(W/A) Various

BONUS REVIEW by Shanna Berry

Best book of the day and here’s why – ANYONE and EVERYONE will enjoy it! Beginning with a fun new snoopy short, followed by a few Classics from Schulz (‘nuff said!), a preview of the recently released Happiness is a Warm Blanket Charlie Brown featuring Linus and his blaket, and that’s just the Peanuts side!! Flip the book to find Adventure Time! Whether you love the show or never even heard of Finn & Jake, you will love this prequel to the new comic, followed by 2 more amusing antics. Not sure if you’ll like it? Well, it’s quirky, hilarious, cute but awesome, full of fanboy and girl lore for ALL to enjoy.

10 out of 10 Grahams

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