Dollhouse Family #1 variant
Dollhouse Family #1 variant, $4.99


(W) Mike Carey, Joe Hill
(A) Peter Gross & Various
(CA) Jay Anacleto

On Alice's sixth birthday, her dying great-aunt sent her the birthday gift she didn't know she always wanted: a big, beautiful 19th-century dollhouse, complete with a family of antique dolls. In no time at all, the dollhouse isn't just Alice's favorite's her whole world. And soon, young Alice learns she can enter the house to visit a new group of friends, straight out of a heartwarming children's novel: the Dollhouse family. But while the Dollhouse family welcome her with open arms, in the real world, her family life is becoming much more complicated...and deep within the Dollhouse's twisting halls, the black room waits, with an offer to Alice. The house can fix all this, the black room says. All she has to do is say the words... Longtime collaborators Mike Carey and Peter Gross (Lucifer, The Unwritten) are joined by Vince Locke (The Sandman), to bring their most horrifying vision yet to Hill House Comics-a story that echoes into centuries past, into Alice's tormented future, and into the beating heart of the madness that makes up our world...literally. Plus, in chapter two of the 'Sea Dogs' backup story written by Joe Hill, spymaster Benjamin Tallmadge's monstrous scheme is underway as his coerced crew of bloodthirsty colonial lycanthropes prepare to gut the Royal Navy from within!
Date Available: 11/13/2019


The Hill House imprint releases another supremely Vertigo-like book under the Black Label imprint. None of these shenanigans matter, as the book is as good as Basketful of Heads. It's a great debut issue with an awesome ending that will have you wishing for more pages once you hit the house ads at the end. If they keep putting out books this good, I might even have to start thinking about paper when I hear Black Label, as opposed to whiskey. Highly recommended for Vertigo fans of a certain age, and those who listened to us when we told you about the Baskets with the heads...

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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