Diablo House #1 sdcc 2017 variant
Diablo House #1 sdcc 2017 variant, $19.99


(W) Ted Adams
(A/CA) Santiperez

Located along the sleepy coastal town of La Jolla, California, Diablo House lets you make your dreams come true - if you dare. Surf-bum and Diablo House host, Riley, takes us into his home and shares the stories of the people who let their desire come at the cost of all else. Inspired by the classic horror comics of the past!
Date Available: 07/19/2017


Very much like if Showtime made a series based on some 1970's issues of House of Secrets. It's super fun if you ever loved any of those old horror anthologies, plus it has art by the guy who Bernie Wrightson decided to inhabit after his recent demise. Highly recommended for those who can name all of the witches that lived in the House of Mystery.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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