Defenders #1
Defenders #1, $0.99


Spinning out of the stunning end of FEAR ITSELF! The final Worthy on a global rampage! Matt Fraction (FEAR ITSELF, THE MIGHTY THOR, INVINCIBLE IRON MAN) reteams with TERRY DODSON (UNCANNY X-MEN, SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN)! Everyone's favorite Marvel characters banding together to solve a mysterious conspiracy deep at the heart of the Marvel Universe! The last line of defense against the forces of the unknown! 32 PGS.

Date Available: 12/07/2011


By the Horry Hosts of Hooga-Boogah, or what the heck he used to say, Doctor Strange and his legendary Defenders are back! And not a moment too soon. Remember the good old days, when if you could get into the Avengers you became a Defender. Those days are back and I admit, I missed them. The Defenders' second place status always endeared them to me. And with the forty different teams of Avengers that are around these days, its good to see that there is a place for another super team that doesn't include the name avenger in it! So what has the 1st issue of Marvel's newest incarnation of their legendary second stringers have to offer us. Doctor Strange gets him some and it ain't Clea! Guest appearance by founding member The Incredible Hulk! Namor changes his name to King Namor (that guy has always been about attitude!). Betty Ross / Red She-Hulk looking good! Silver Surfer's naive out-look on life returns! A rogue evil Hulk entity! And Iron Fist gets to join 'cause he's cool and he's got a super-cool plane! But you want to know what the coolest part of this book is? Is it the classic 70's revival of this super team? Is it the witty repartee between the characters? Terry Dodson's pencils? Rachael Dodson's inks? None of the above. Read the bottoms of the pages, folks! Marvel's wonderful 60/70s ticker tape preview ads are back!!!! "Who Loves Doctor Strange? Defenders #4!" Oh how I loved those little blurbs back in the day! And now, they're back! Please Marvel, keep them coming

9 out of 10 Grahams

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