Coffin Bound #1
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(W) Dan Watters

SERIES PREMIERE! Cars! Guns! Entropy! Chased by an unstoppable killer, Izzy Tyburn has decided that if the world won't have her in it, it can have nothing of her at all. She's re-treading her life, leaving nothing but burned rubber, ash, and the sun-scorched bones of those who get in her way. Join writer DAN WATTERS (Sandman Universe: Lucifer, LIMBO), artist DANI (2000AD, Girl with No Name), and colorist BRAD SIMPSON (JESUSFREAK, MCMLXXV) on a road trip through a blood-splattered life.
Date Available: 08/07/2019


What If? Quentin Tarentino were to remake John Carpenters Vampires as a road picture with Aubrey Plaza as James Woods but the vampires were interesting demons instead of just dull? It's a unique reading experience akin to turning a Cure song into a comic, but there's nothing to be afraid of, because the creators are clearly nihilists, Donny. Highly recommended for fans of Faithless, Spaghetti Westerns, Nietzsche, comics that sell out before they arrive, and for those who've always wondered what a Cenobite striptease would look like.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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