Batman #50 (2016)
Batman #50 (2016), $4.99


(W) Tom King
(A) Mikel Janin & Various
(CA) Mikel Janin

It's the wedding you never thought you'd see! The Batrimony is real as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle are set to tie the knot in a can't-miss, extra-length milestone issue that will reshape Gotham City. All their friends (and a few enemies?) will be party to a comic book coupling for the ages. Superstar scribe Tom King officiates the sure-to-be-offbeat nuptials, joined by an all-star lineup of guest classic Bat-artists doffing their hats to the lucky couple in a series of pre-wedding flashback scenes sure to set the romantic mood.
Date Available: 07/04/2018


Okay, here's the deal. If you've been reading and enjoying the first 49 issues of the title, you'll love this one. If you're jumping into the literal middle of a four year long story, you'll just see some pretty pictures. Bruce and Selina end up together. It's in the spectacular Batman Annual from last year, one of the best Annuals since Reed and Sue tied the knot. If you're already not a fan of Tom King's Batman, this is not the book that will change your mind. If all of this chatter is making you interested, you'll be better served by reading the trades in order, just like you would a big boy book. That's how they were written, that's how they should be read and assessed. That's how dad did it. That's how America does it, and it's working out so far. Mostly. Kinda. And if it isn't, that's not Tom King's fault. The numeric review is based on having read the whole story so far, your mileage may vary. Highly recommended for those who have read comics long enough to know that it's relatively likely that superhero nuptials are frequently "interrupted" by un-well wishers, and people smart enough to realize that you can't judge a book like "The Stand" by reading up to page 411, as there are 412 pages left.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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