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(W) Tini Howard
(A/CA) Gilbert Hernandez

Dominic Prince and the Semester Abroad, Part 1 of 6. Dominic Price is a college-age kid who just wants to spend the semester making out with his boyfriend, Taylor, in between rounds of TurboLight Fighter and maintaining a solidly passable 3.2 GPA. His mom, Octavia, formerly a badass action-movie-quality bounty hunter, didn't pay his tuition, because she had to get back in the business and spend 40K on black market weapons and body armor. And she's bringing Dominic with her, because the alternative is making lattes for a semester, and he'd rather die. Good thing in mom's line of work, dying is an option.
'It's a Kill Bill story in a Venture Brothers world! or better yet: Fun Home taking place on a backdrop of The Expendables.'-Tini Howard, co-creator/writer
Modern Family. Retro Sass. Highly Trained. To Kick your Ass. ASSASSINISTAS
Eisner Hall of Fame Artist Gilbert Hernandez teams up with rising star writer Tini Howard (The Skeptics, Magdelena, Rick and Morty) for a full-octane action & family drama assault!
Letter columns, interviews, previews, behind-the-panel-borders secrets & more!

Date Available: 12/27/2017


I was surprised at how engaging the book was, considering the lackluster art provided by what must be a very busy Hernandez Bro. The story was simple enough, but the writing has a weirdly compelling quality. I certainly can't say that it will appeal to the average Love & Rockets fan, but it might. It could easily become an interesting Showtime project. Highly recommended for those with $3.99 who aren't hungry, need gas, or like speculating on comics like Biff Tannen likes playing the ponies.

I give it 6 out of 10 Grahams

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