Americas Got Powers #1-7 comic set
Americas Got Powers #1-7 comic set , Out of Stock


(W) Jonathan Ross
(A/CA) Bryan Hitch

Welcome to AMERICA'S GOT POWERS! It's the biggest TV show on Earth, where the chance to win fame, fortune and get laid are dangled in front of a generation of super-powered teens. All they have to do is WIN. Who is the fastest, the strongest or the greatest? Who survives? Young Tommy Watt's dreams of being the greatest hero of them all might just be shattered when the greatest show on the planet begins to reveal it's dark heart.

Jonathon Ross is a big fan of the MISFITS TV show, so I'm expecting some greatness here!
Here's hoping!

Date Available: 04/11/2012


Jonathan Ross and fan favorite artist Bryan Hitch bring you a tale of just how bad some reality compititions can get. In the not too distant future, and "event" happens in San Franscico that grants all unborn babies a "gift" and at the same time a safe and perfect birth at the same exact moment. What happens when they all grow up? We put them on TV in an "American Gladiators/American Idol sort of competition. And it becomes the most popular show on the entire planet. But is all as it seems? Spoiler! Probably not! That said, it's a really good 1st ish, and will have me coming back for more.

8 out of 10 Grahams

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