Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (2018)
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 (2018), Out of Stock


(W) Saladin Ahmed
(A) Garry Brown
(CA) Aco

TIES THAT BIND! Years ago, Spider-Man came back from an alien world with a fantastic new costume - one he eventually learned was a living alien symbiote looking to bond with him permanently! But before he rejected the costume that went on to become VENOM, many a night the symbiote would creep onto Peter, and unbeknownst to its host, take them out into the night! Now, for the first time, see just what the symbiote steered Peter into during these mysterious nighttime excursions! Saladin Ahmed (BLACK BOLT) weaves an ALL-NEW nightmare fairy tale, illustrated by the incomparable Garry Brown, in what is sure to be a dream book for any Spider-Man fan! Rated T
Date Available: 09/19/2018

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

An utterly fantastic retelling of Amazing Spider-Man 252-258 from the alien costume's point of view. Resonates emotionally with the old material, resonates emotionally with the new characters, resonates visually with art that feels reminiscent of Ron Frenz inked by Bill Sienkiewicz. No, make that Denys Cowan.

A must for Venom fans, a must for old Spidey folks, a must for people who like the word 'Annual' on their comic covers, and a must for people who like their annuals to matter.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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