Amazing Spider-Man #798 (2017)
Amazing Spider-Man #798 (2017), $3.99


(W) Dan Slott
(A) Stuart Immonen
(CA) Alex Ross

Dan Slott's final SPIDER-MAN story continues!
The GREEN GOBLIN HAS RETURNED - and he's exacting his ultimate revenge not only on SPIDER-MAN, but on everyone the wall-crawler loves!
Norman Osborn's offering NO QUARTER, an ultimatum that threatens to finish PETER PARKER once and for all! Rated T

Date Available: 04/04/2018

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

Norman has the Carnage symbiote. Is HE the Red Goblin?

Liz has been acting quite peculiar lately. Is SHE the Red Goblin?

Harry has a history of out stupiding his dad when it comes to Goblin related business. Is HE the Red Goblin?

Find out in this issue. Not a trick! Not a lie! Not a hoax! This is the one you've been speculating for Spider-Fans!

The Red Goblin has a tail like Mephisto (who HATES Spider-Man). Hmmm.....

Easily the most fun of any of these issues, and so so nice to see Stuart Immonen drawing the GREEN Goblin. Yes, Norman is the GREEN Goblin in this issue, and he does end up on a cross of humble tin, again, as is the style. Is it odd to say it was nice to see him one last time?

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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