All New X-Men Special #1
All New X-Men Special #1, $5.50


(Writer)Mike Costa
(Artist) Kris Anka (CA) Alexander Lozano

PART ONE OF 'THE ARMS OF THE OCTOPUS!' • The All-New X-Men cross over with the Indestructible Hulk and Superior Spider-Man! • What does Doctor Octopus want with the All-New X-Men and HOW IS HE ALIVE?! • This gets the immediate attention of Superior Spider-Man, but what does it have to do with the Hulk?

Date Available: 10/02/2013

BONUS REVIEW by John Robinson

Even with X-Men Age of the Atom storyline going on, I still can't get enough of the All New X-Men, luckily Marvel is putting out this special 3 issue mini-series. It's hard to tell from the messy/blurry cover, but this special is summed up with All New X-Men meet the Superior Spider-Man and fight the Doctor Octopus.

All New X-Men and Superior Spidey are two of my favorite books and this mini-series is a perfect blend of the two (so far) - plus you just can't beat Spidey fighting Doc Oct.


I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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