Uncanny X-Men #12 (2018)
Uncanny X-Men #12 (2018), Out of Stock


(W) Matthew Rosenberg
(A/CA) Salvador Larroca

After the devastating events of 'X-Men Disassembled,' it falls to Cyclops to rebuild the X-Men in the face of overwhelming hatred. Thankfully, he's not the only X-Man to have just returned from oblivion. Scott and Logan are together again, and they are mutantkind's only hope. Writer Matthew Rosenberg and returning superstar X-Artist Salvador Larroca lead the X-Men into their darkest hour…and beyond! Rated T+
Date Available: 02/20/2019


The last few issues of this have actually been good. Like, "If you could do this in a single title on a consistent basis, people might start to care again." good. Having said that, #13 might very well be a disaster. It's a little like when the Iron Wolf roller coaster was at Great America. You stood up in it, it had one good turn, but most of it was just getting your head repeatedly punched by "safety features." We all want better X-Men books, and Marvel's been on the right track for two whole weeks! In conclusion, I recommend the last two issues and the Annual. Only them. No more, no less. So far. Highly recommended for Uncanny fans who are filled with more hope than an Obama campaign rally, Russian Roulette enthusiasts, and Salvador Larroca fans.

I give it 8 out of 10 Grahams

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