Spider-Gwen #4
Spider-Gwen #4, $3.99


(W) Jason Latour (A/CA) Robbi Rodriguez

Learn what really happened the day that Peter Parker died!
Gwen comes face to face with Ben and May Parker!

Date Available: 05/06/2015

BONUS REVIEW by Gavin Rehfeldt

Spider-Gwen keeps getting better and richer with this issue a clear standout making this title personal and truly distinctive among the Spider-books. It has lightness and humor, but also moving pathos, pushing the storyline deeper into the journey of Gwen's grief over her Peter Parker. Rodriguez's art is spectacular, as always, with bright colors from Rico Renzi. At first Spider-Gwen appeared to be a shadow of the main Spider-mythos, but over the last two issues it has developed its own gritty and yet fun "Gwen-on-the-street" stories, and also included her finding catharsis in playing music with her band the Mary-Janes. You're probably already reading this book, but if you aren't get on it!

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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