Spider-Man #16
Spider-Man #16, $0.99


MY FIRST COMIC by Jessica Hein

Growing up, my Dad and Uncle always had copies of Captain America and Ghost Rider lying around that I would be peeking at. I don't think I realized what they were but I liked the pictures! The first one I picked up on my own was Spider-Man #16 from 1990. I remember the Spider-Man book because it was a horizontal cover and I thought that it was cool that it looked different from the other covers that were out. After that my dad and I made monthly trips to the comic shop. I was young enough to not know that you had to read things in a particular order, so when I was older and looking back on them I notice I have assorted books ranging in numbers. I also didn't know anything about collecting, so they aren't in very good condition. But luckily now I know, and still reading Spider-Man's have been slowly eating away at my savings account ever since.

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