Spawn #277 cover a
Spawn #277 cover a, $3.50


(W) Darragh Savage, Jason Shawn Alexander
(A/CA) Jason Shawn Alexander

'DARK HORROR,' Part Two Tokyo: A ring stolen leads Spawn into a web of kidnapping and murder. He confronts a super-powered gangster who looks to turn Spawn's own weapons against him.
Date Available: 08/30/2017


Hey Kids! Remember when Spawn was super cool with the cape and the chains and the Spider-Manny way that he would sit on gargoyles and mope about, waiting to run his power meter down...for justice? Yeah, that's over now. The current team on the title is far more attuned to "dark and spooky" than it is "I'm all dead and stuff and I have these boss powers but I'm still dead but my family is alive so, boo-hoo". Highly recommended if you enjoyed the early Vertigo Hellblazers and/or advantageous chains. Also, Advantageous Chains is the name of my new retro-prog rock band. Our album drops the same day as Image United. Watch for it soon.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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