Moon Knight Annual #1 (2019)
Moon Knight Annual #1 (2019), $4.99


(W) Cullen Bunn
(A) Ibrahim Moustafa
(CA) Philip Tan

MOON KNIGHT BATTLES KANG THE CONQUEROR! KANG THE CONQUEROR has found a way to rewrite history in his own image! But when the chance to settle an ancient grudge against the Egyptian god, Khonshu, tempts Kang, the process is interrupted and time and reality quickly go haywire. Now, Khonshu's avatar, Moon Knight, must find a way to fix the time stream before Kang is able to complete his goal! But with time acting erratically, there's no telling where Moon Knight will end up - or WHEN! Rated T
Date Available: 09/11/2019


As the Graham Crackers manager with Moon Knight on his business card, I feel compelled to mention that I may be a wee bit biased on this on, but it was as fun as a tour of lunar loonies through the ages can be. Plus Kang. Highly recommended for those who always think of crescent darts whenever they hear the words crescent rolls, those who always think "bless you' when they hear the name Khonshu, and anybody who smiles slightly when reading the words Nazi Moon Knight.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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