Flash Gordon #6 sdcc exclusive cover
Flash Gordon #6 sdcc exclusive cover, $0.99


by Brendan Deneen & Paul Green

by Brendan Deneen & Paul Green In this thrilling conclusion to 'The Mercy Wars' story arc, Flash, Dale, Zarkov, Barin, Thun, Vultan and their army of Lion Men, Arborian Rangers, and Hawk Men take the fight directly to Ming's palace! Meanwhile, a new, though familiar, threat rears its head, leading into the next exciting Flash Gordon arc!

Date Available: 07/28/2009. Limited to 250.

BONUS REVIEW by Jimmy PS Hayes

Like you really thought this issue was going to be anything LESS than perfect? I don't know who Ardden should chain up first-artist Paul Green or writer Brendan Deneen. Neither one should be allowed to work on anything other than Flash Gordon. I'm not going to say much about the issue, content wise, except that the ending litterally made me wet my pants. Thanks guys, like I wasn't the nerdiest guy in my store BEFORE that incident.

I give it 10 out of 10 Grahams

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