FCBD 2017 X-O Manowar Special
FCBD 2017 X-O Manowar Special, $1.99


(W) Matt Kindt, Jeff Lemire
(A) Tomas Giorello & variantious
(CA) Tomas Giorello

First: The biggest Valiant debut of all time begins with an all-new prelude to X-O Manowar from visionary storyteller Matt Kindt and blockbuster artists Tomas Giorello, Doug Braithwaite, Clayton Crain, Ryan Bodenheim, and Mico Suayan! Then, comics superstar Jeff Lemire begins the march toward Bloodshot Salvation with the first appearance of A Major New Character! Plus: Faith, Harbinger Renegade, Ninjak, Psi-Lords, Secret Weapons, Shadowman, and surprise revelations for Harbinger Wars 2!
Date Available: 04/12/2017


Featuring a look at X-O, Bloodshot, and a preview of Secret Weapons, this is a great way to try Valiant. The Secret Weapons preview (written by the writer of the film Arrival) has spectacular art that looks like David Aja and Geoff Darrow were in a car crash together. The X-O story felt a lot like a "deleted scene", which is not surprising, as the title reads like a movie. Last, and best, is the Bloodshot story by Jeff Lemire. Those of you sorry to see him leave Marvel should do yourselves a favor and pick up this FCBD issue.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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