FCBD 2014 Spongebob Freestyle Funnies #1
FCBD 2014 Spongebob Freestyle Funnies #1, $1.99

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(W) Graham Annable & Various (A) Jacob Chabot & Various (CA) Jacob Chabot

United Plankton's all-new SpongeBob comic book for FCBD 2014 starts with "Relocate!", in which we finally learn the answer to the age-old question: "What if Squidward, SpongeBob, and Patrick's houses all became giant robot creatures and stomped around Bikini Bottom?" Also: the debut of the saltwater super-sensation, Mermaid Girl, and SpongeBob schools Patrick in the ways of comic-book making in "SpongeBob ComicSnob!" Plus: comics from James Kochalka, Sam Henderson, Nate Neal, and Andy Rementer!

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