FCBD 2014 Rise Of The Magi #1
FCBD 2014 Rise Of The Magi #1, $1.99

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(W) Marc Silvestri (A) Sumeyye Kesgin (CA) Marc Silvestri

"And the man said to me: "There is magic all around you, simply close your eyes and see." I closed my eyes as he suggested. And when I did, I screamed. That was fifteen years ago, and I have been screaming ever since." - The master of light and shadow. Asa Stone, a young guard at the gates of our reality, has seen a truth, a truth meant to be hidden and never to be seen by anyone. Ever. With his life abruptly turned into a shattered ruin, Asa finds himself on the run with nothing but a terrible secret and a list seven names. Seven magicians, sorcerers, thieves, and killers that can be neither trusted nor believed and yet stand as the only weapon man has against an unstoppable evil. The world we know is at risk because the world we don't see, the one that makes ours possible, is on the brink of destruction. Marc Silvestri, the co-creator of THE DARKNESS and WITCHBLADE and the creator of CYBER FORCE, presents a new fantasy adventure series set in both worlds in which we live. The Magi are awake and they are legion, and only seven magicians, sorcerers, thieves and killers can stop them. But as Asa Stone will soon find out, among thieves, there is no honor.

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