FCBD 2009 Blackest Night #0
FCBD 2009 Blackest Night #0, $1.99

Written by: Geoff Johns Art by: Ivan Reis

This May, DC Comics will debut its first-ever all-new title for Free Comic Book Day: BLACKEST NIGHT #0, the prelude to "Blackest Night," the biggest comics event of 2009! Featuring a story by writer Geoff Johns, BLACKEST NIGHT #0 is illustrated by top art teams Ivan Reis & Oclair Albert and Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy. The issue also features an introductory text page by Johns that sets the stage for new readers and a cover by Ivan Reis. The issue includes a lead story that leads directly into BLACKEST NIGHT #1, as well as a special guide to the various Corps that have recently emerged as forces in the world of GREEN LANTERN.

Date Available: 05/02/2009


Okay folks, mark your calendars. This is one free comic book day issue that you will regret missing. Blackest Night is going to be the event of 2009. Forget Final Crisis, Secret Invasion, Obamamania, just give me lanterns of varying colors and you have yourself one of the most highly anticipated “event” books in years. Geoff Johns leaves a nice soothing letter in the back of this preview assuring readers new and old not to worry: he too is aware of event fatigue. Well, Johns may just be on his way to creating a renaissance for giant universe-altering story arcs. As someone who has always been a little intimidated by 70 years of complicated DC multi-verse history, Blackest Night #0 wasn’t hard to follow. Unlike the constantly befuddled feeling that accompanied Final Crisis, this issue leaves you wanting more. Hal Jordan and Barry Allen catching up at Bruce Wayne’s unmarked grave: what other awesome scenario do you need? Oh, how about the first appearance of the Black Lanterns? Yep, that’s here too. Whether you’re a new comer like myself, or an expert on all 52 worlds, this book will deliver. One graham short of perfection only because I know the Blackest Night mini-series will be even better!

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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