Doctor Strange #385
Doctor Strange #385, Out of Stock


(W) Donny Cates
(A) Gabriel Hernandez Walta
(CA) Michael Del Mundo

Get ready for a super-powered wizard's duel in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Loki, Lord of Liars, versus Stephen Strange, the former Sorcerer Supreme! And this time, way more is on the line than the title.
Will Loki gain the spell so dangerous, Stephen even hid it from himself?
And how will Strange pay for the magic he'll need to defeat a god? Rated T+

Date Available: 02/14/2018


This was a great ending to a story that managed to be surprising without going entirely off the reservation. It's almost like Cates bothered to read the preceding run and build upon it. He wraps this arc up with a big bow, full of omens and portents. This has consistently been one of Marvels more dependable series since the end of Secret Wars. As long as Cates stays on the book, I would expect this to continue to be one of the "must have" titles in what is rapidly becoming a better publisher. This week, anyway. Highly recommended, and has been since late 2015. That's two years, multiple creative teams, and no reboots. It's kind of like what we want has been in front of us the entire time. Just remember, Valentines Day, like loving Marvel, comes with a price...

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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