Disney Comics And Stories #4 (2018)
Disney Comics And Stories #4 (2018), $5.99


(W) Andrea Castellan, Stefan Petrucha
(A) Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Xavier Vives Mateu
(CA) Paolo Campinoti

Three stories never-before-seen in the U.S. await in another fun-filled issue! In 'Mickey Mouse and the Unreachable Island,' the Phantom Blot forces Mickey onto a deserted island in order to spare Mouseton's citizens from his latest dastardly plan! Then, in 'Run, Fethry, Run,' Fethry Duck finds himself facing off against a most unusual-and hilarious-opponent. Finally, in 'The Art of the Perfect Traveler,' Mickey finds his method for packing for a trip leaves one essential item to be desired!
Date Available: 03/20/2019

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