Darth Vader #16 (2015)
Darth Vader #16 (2015), $3.99


(W) Kieron Gillen
(A) Salvador Larroca
(CA) Kaare Andrews

NEW STORY ARC! The planet Shu-Torin (introduced in the Darth Vader Annual) is revolting. Darth Vader is tasked with leading a military assault. Has Vader's rise to glory begun? Rated T

Date Available: 02/10/2016

BONUS REVIEW by Kevin Healy

In an o.k. week, the pretty good book is king. All hail Lord Vader. While a weak issue by the title's standards, its still a stand out against this week's competition. Following the events of Vader Down, and starting with the question "What does the Emperor do when someone throws a bisected robot fish-man on his floor?", we move to an impressive show of power against the enemies of the Empire. That's what we want, right? This show is impressive, those enemies are faceless and undefined, making them less so. Triple Zero is of course good for a smirk and a smile, but in an environment where he's not doing something, that's all we're going to get. Fantastic covers by Kaare Andrews starting this month, so there's that.

I give it 7 out of 10 Grahams

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