Contest Of Champions #1 vol 3
Contest Of Champions #1 vol 3, $5.50


(W) Al Ewing
(A/CA) Paco Medina

Welcome to the BATTLEREALM--a broken section of space-time where cosmic beings gamble for the ultimate power while their unwilling pawns fight for their lives and a chance to return back to Earth. Who will survive... THE CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS? Rated T
Date Available: 10/07/2015


If you're really lovin' the mash-up component of Secret Wars, this book is for you. Although we don't yet know why or how, it seems as if there are fragments of battleworld left after the end of Secret Wars (assuming we ever get to see it end...). This book is going to continue to introduce all sorts of new characters from many different realities...and have them fight. Think of it as Marvel Premiere for an all new, all different era. Of course, you could also look at it as a breeding ground for first appearances, such as but not limited to: Modoon Knight, Spiderverine,or Doctor Carnange. It could happen...

I give it 6 out of 10 Grahams

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