Batman #31 vol 3
Batman #31 vol 3, $2.99


(W) Tom King
(A/CA) Mikel Janin

'THE WAR OF JOKES AND RIDDLES' part five! It's tough to beat the two biggest puzzlemakers in the world at their own game, and Batman's gambits have only pulled him deeper into the moral quagmire where the Riddler and The Joker do their dirty work. All of Gotham City hangs in the balance as Batman faces the ultimate conundrum: are brainteasers better than belly laughs?
Date Available: 09/20/2017


He's more metal than Metal, plucked from the depths of obscurity after his creators abandoned him to an uncaring world, he is The Man of Nylon. He is...Kite Man! Hell, yeah. The War is pretty much over but, much like uninformed Japanese soldiers on a small island, nobody seems to have told Batman, Joker, and Riddler.

I give it 9 out of 10 Grahams

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